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Clermont Pin Doctors

We offer custom pins for special occasions, prizes and gifts, as well as rebuilt pins for normal use.

Featured Products

Our Pins Score like New Pins!

Clermont Pin Doctors restores bowling pins to like new condition, saving you money and extending the life of your bowling pins.

Our Rebuilding process

Sort Out Broken Pins

We remove any broken pins in your batch to ensure quality.

Heat Shrunk & Pin Coated

Surlyn pins are heat shrunk and "pin-coated."

Cat Patch Epoxy Injection

A cat patch epoxy mixture is injected under the ball line to tighten the pin to restore life and action.

Sanded & Smoothed

Pins are sanded to smooth the entire surface.

Repainted & Clear Coated

A coat of white pin coating is applied along with a heavy duty clear coating.

Butt Dressing

The bottom of the pin is smoothed to ensure an even surface for consistent play.